What’s Your Diagnosis? BRUE

Welcome to this month’s What’s Your Diagnosis Challenge!

But before we begin, check to see if you got the previous case on Evaluation and Management of Suicidal Ideation and Self-Harm in Children in the Emergency Department right.

Case Presentation: Brief Resolved Unexplained Events: Practical Evaluation and Management in the Emergency Department 

A 3-week-old girl is brought in by EMS after her parents witnessed an episode during which she started coughing and gagging shortly after feeding, then turned blue in the face… 

  • After witnessing the episode, her mother began CPR. The parents report that the episode lasted 5 minutes. They tell you the girl is an otherwise healthy baby and was acting well prior to this event. She was born at full term, with no complications during delivery. 
  • The baby has normal vital signs and a normal physical examination, including heart, lungs, and neurologic examination. 
  • You wonder whether this episode would be considered a BRUE. What testing should be done in the ED, and under what circumstances should the patient be admitted to the hospital? 

Make your best guess, and check back next month for the case conclusion!

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