Laceration Repair: Methods and Suture Selection

Closure methods and suture selection are two of the primary decisions required before closing a laceration. In order to choose the correct method and suture, a few key elements need to be considered. Below are three resources from The Laceration Course, a new partnership with EB Medicine.

When to Use What

Closure TypeNotes
Sutures-More precise
-Better tissue control
-Suture costs less than a reliable stapler
-Excellent hold
-Similar scarring to sutures
-Large trunk and extremity wounds where cosmetic outcome is less concerning; discuss with patient for shared decision-making
-Must have high-quality stapler
Dermabond-Can be used more than we think
-Wound must be dry, not oozing
-Careful around eyes; use erythromycin ointment to remove if gets in eyes
Steri-strips-Must have benzoin
-Low-tension wounds
-Good for skin tears
-Can combine with dermabond or sutures for extra strength
Courtesy of The Laceration Course

Suture Types

Laceration Repair, Suture,
Prolene or Ethilon-Everywhere except inside the mouth
(standard and rapide)
-Under the skin-layered closure
-Some advocate for children’s face if can not return for removal 
Chromic gut-Inside the mouth
-Wet mucosa of the lip
Fast absorbing gut-Facial lacerations 
Courtesy of The Laceration Course

Needle Type

Laceration Repair, Needle Anatomy,
Small needle (13mm)-Face
-Small lacerations
-Finer work
Large needle (24mm)-Extremities
-Larger lacerations
-More “bite”
Reverse cutting
(cutting edge on outside; convex surface)
-Tougher tissues
-Less risk of cutting through tissue 
Regular cutting
(cutting edge on all three sides)
-Most commonly used in acute setting
Courtesy of The Laceration Course

Laceration Repair, The Laceration Course, EB Medicine

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Last Updated on January 25, 2023

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