Episode 54 – Community-Acquired Pneumonia in the Emergency Department – Interview with Matthew DeLaney, MD

EMplify – February 2021

Community Acquired Pneumonia – An Interview with Dr. Matthew DeLaney, FACEP

1. Pneumonia and nomenclature : healthcare associated vs hospital associated
2. COVID-19 and antibiotics
3. Bacteriology – Strep is only 10-15% of hospitalized pneumonia, Viral pneumonia is about 20% (pre covid)
4. Conditions that predispose to pneumonia

  • chronic lung disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis)
  • smoking
  • older age
  • immuno-compromise
  • proton-pump inhibitors, H2 blockers, and antipsychotic agents

5. Is there a historical or exam item most likely to be indicative of pneumonia?
6. How good is a CXR?
7. When should I consider a CT if the CXR is normal?
8. Procalcitonin
9. Blood cultures, sputum cultures, urine antigens- are these helpful?
10. CURB-65 vs PSI
11. Antibiotics- table 3 major and minor, history of prior infection, and doxy for everyone !
12. Duration – 5 days works
13. A walk through the pathway

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