In this episode, Tracey Davidoff, MD and Joe Toscano, MD discuss the March 2024 Evidence-Based Urgent Care article, A Practice-Based Approach to Urgent Care Evaluation and Management of Patients With Postacute Sequelae After COVID-19 Infection: Long COVID

  • Welcome to the Evidence Based Urgent Care Urgentology Podcast
  • How to Access and Benefit from EB Medicine Resources
  • Diving Into Long COVID: Understanding the March Issue
  • The Urgent Care Convention and Learning Opportunities
  • Exploring the Complexities of Long COVID
  • The Challenge of Researching and Understanding Long COVID
  • Reviewing COVID-19: A Brief Recap of the Pandemic
  • Identifying Those at Risk for Long COVID
  • Investigating the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Long COVID
  • Addressing Long COVID in Urgent Care: Diagnosis and Management
  • The Role of Urgent Care in Treating Long COVID Symptoms
  • Concluding Thoughts: Pearls and Pitfalls of Managing Long COVID
  • Looking Forward and Acknowledgments

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