Essential Tool: A Stapler for Laceration Repairs

Staplers: As with many things in the acute setting, price often trumps quality. Staplers for laceration management are no exception. We often are forced to use the cheap and wobbly 10 shot staplers. I have found these to be rather ineffective and I have to frequently remove staples and do them over. The higher quality surgical staplers literally cost $2 more.

For scalp lacerations, there is nothing better than being able to quickly repair with staples and not have to worry about not seeing the suture thread. Especially with kids and a small scalp laceration, place an ice pack on the area, then irrigate, and quickly place a staple or two. No need for painful needle sticks to give anesthesia.

Please demand high quality staplers wherever you work. If you get pushback, have a bake sale out front of your office, urgent care or ER to pay for them or offer to pay the difference yourself, they are worth it.


Dr. Patrick O’Malley

The Laceration Course, Course Director

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Last Updated on April 23, 2024

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