Essential Tool: Headlamp for Laceration Repairs

Visualization of the wound you are repairing is crucial. If you are struggling to see what you are repairing and whether or not the suture needle is in the right place, you are setting yourself up for problems.

It never fails, the treatment room doesn’t have an overhead light or it’s not working. If you can’t see, you can’t do an optimal repair. It is worthwhile to invest in a rechargeable, bright LED headlamp. Tons of options can be found with a quick Google or Amazon search. We keep one at our physician workstation and all of us use it. Throw it in your workbag and can take with you if you work in other locations. Definitely worth the small expense as it will really make delicate repairs less stressful, especially if you have aging eyes like me!


Dr. Patrick O’Malley

The Laceration Course, Course Director

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