Test Your Knowledge on HIV Treatment & Prevention in Urgent Care (Postscript 2 of 2)

Evidence-Based Urgent Care Postscript
HIV in the Urgent Care Setting: Treatment and Prevention | June 2024

A 30-year-old man presents to urgent care 48 hours after he had unprotected sex with a new partner. The partner’s HIV status is unknown, and the patient is now anxious about the risk of HIV infection. He has no significant past medical history and is not currently on any medications. Which of the following would be the most appropriate next steps in the management of this patient?

  1. Reassure the patient that the risk of HIV transmission is low and recommend monitoring for symptoms over the next few weeks.
  2. Advise the patient to follow up with his primary care provider and provide no further intervention.
  3. Recommend immediate testing for HIV and wait for results before deciding on any further care.
  4. Recommend immediate testing for HIV and initiate a 28-day course of HIV PEP.

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Last Updated on June 3, 2024

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