Test Your Knowledge on HIV Treatment & Prevention in Urgent Care (Postscript 1 of 2)

Evidence-Based Urgent Care Postscript
HIV in the Urgent Care Setting: Treatment and Prevention | June 2024

A 21-year-old man presents to urgent care with a persistent cough and mild fatigue for the past 3 weeks. He reports no significant past medical history. He says he is sexually active with multiple partners and rarely uses condoms. He has never been tested for HIV. His physical examination is unremarkable, and vital signs are within normal limits. What is the best next step in screening this patient for HIV?

  1. Perform a rapid HIV test during the visit and discuss the potential need for further testing based on the result.
  2. Refer the patient to a primary care provider for HIV screening and follow-up.
  3. Order a complete blood count and chest X-ray to rule out other causes of his  symptoms before considering HIV testing.
  4. Reassure the patient that his symptoms are likely viral and recommend over-the-counter medications for the cough.

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