Test Your Knowledge on Angioedema in Urgent Care (Postscript 2 of 2)

Evidence-Based Urgent Care Postscript
Evidence-Based Management of Angioedema in Urgent Care | May 2024

An 18-year-old woman presents to urgent care with sudden onset of facial swelling, particularly around her lips, along with wheezing. She also complains of “itchy bumps” on her upper chest. She is accompanied by her mother, who says the patient has no known allergies and no history of asthma. The mother reports that the symptoms began about an hour ago, shortly after the patient ate some homemade hummus. Which of the following is the best first step in the management of this patient?

  1. Administer IM epinephrine.
  2. Prescribe antihistamines.
  3. Administer IV corticosteroids.
  4. Tell the mother to take the patient to the nearest ED.

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