Sepsis Decision Aid

In the U.S., the treatment of sepsis and septic shock is complicated by strict regulations used to measure hospital sepsis outcomes. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Sep-1 guidelines are complex and based on chart abstraction. These factors lead to confusion and difficulty in the real-time treatment of patients. This decision aid is meant to assist in the regulatory steps for the treatment of a patient with sepsis. It is important to be aware that CMS makes changes to these criteria on a quarterly basis. This tool will be updated as often as possible to maintain correctness.

Does the patient have sepsis?

Three Hour Bundle (Items to be completed within 3 hrs)

Six Hour Bundle (Items to be completed within 6 hrs)

Important Notes

  • Patients that are excluded:
    • Age < 18 yo
    • Transferred to you from other hospital
    • Diagnosis of COVID-19 (principal or other)
    • Sepsis or septic shock due to a viral, fungal, or parasitic infection
    • Admitted to comfort care / hospice / palliative care within 6 hours of meeting sepsis criteria
    • Enrolled in a clinical trial for sepsis or septic shock during this hospitalization
    • Patients or surrogate refusing care (blood draw, cultures, antibiotics, etc.)
  • Lactic acid elevation due to a non-infectious etiology (ex. seizure) is disregarded, but must be documented by the physician or provider.
  • Requirement to use broad spectrum antibiotic was removed beginning July, 2021. Appropriate IV antibiotic selection is deferred to the treating physician or provider.

Further Reading

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