Ketamine in the ED – An Interview with Reuben Strayer, MD

In this episode, Sam Ashoo, MD and T.R. Eckler, MD interview Reuben J. Strayer, MD, author of the May 2024 Emergency Medicine Practice article, Current Concepts in Ketamine Therapy in the Emergency Department

  • Diving Into Ketamine Use in Emergency Medicine
  • Understanding Ketamine: From Origins to Emergency Use
  • Exploring the Ketamine Brain Continuum
  • Ketamine Dosing and Administration Techniques
  • Combining Ketamine with Neuroleptic Medications
  • Practical Approaches to Ketamine for Pain Management
  • Innovative Pain Management and Ketamine Use
  • Procedural Sedation with Ketamine: Techniques and Considerations
  • Addressing Agitation and Sedation in Emergency Situations
  • Navigating Intubation Strategies: DSI and Ketamine-Only Approaches
  • Ketamine’s Role in Treating Asthma, Status Epilepticus, and Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Exploring Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression
  • Concluding Remarks on Ketamine’s Versatility in Emergency Medicine

Last Updated on May 15, 2024

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