Episode 41 – Mt Sinai COVID-19 Protocols – Interview with Dr. Legome

EMplify May 2020-  Mt Sinai COVID-19 Protocols – Dr. Legome

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Emergency Department COVID Management Protocols: One Institution’s Experience and Lessons Learned

  1. Laboratory Testing and Imaging
  2. Disposition/admission Criteria
  3. Cardiac Arrest Protocol
  4. Medication Treatment Guidelines
    • Anticoagulation Protocol
  5. Intubation Protocol
  6. Nonaerosolized Asthma Protocol
  7. Acute Dyspnea/Palliative Care Treatment
    • Death Management Talking Points
  8. COVID-19 Smart Phrases / Discharge Plan for Likely COVID-19 Patients
  9. Guidelines for Prone Positioning of Nonintubated Patients
  10. Critical Care for ED COVID-19 Patients

Last Updated on January 25, 2023

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