Episode 40 – COVID-19: An Interview with Colby Redfield, MD-Tent Triage, Telemedicine, PPE, and EMS


EMplify April 2020 – Colby Redfield, MD

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1-678-336-8466, ext. 128

COVID-19 Topics:

1.Triage Tent Implementation (02:35)

2.Telemedicine – In the tent, in the department, and in follow up. (08:45)

3. PPE (16:30)

  • Reusing N95s
  • Using elastomeric full and half face respirators
  • CDC, FDA, Osha

4. EMS (22:44)

  • Crew Safety
  • Criteria for transport
  • Viral filters
  • Handoff to the ED

Helpful Links:

1. Novel 2019 Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19): An Updated Overview for Emergency Clinicians


2. Reusable Facemasks and COVID-19


3. University of Florida Halyard H600 masks




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