Episode 37 – Novel Coronavirus COVID-19: An Overview for Emergency Clinicians

In this episode of EMplify, Dr. Sam Ashoo interviews Drs. Al Giwa and Akash Desai, the authors of Emergency Medicine Practice’s recent article: Novel Coronavirus COVID-19: An Overview for Emergency Clinicians.

This episode, designed specifically for emergency clinicians, discusses Coronavirus COVID-19, including:

  • The cause and history of the virus
  • How it’s transmitted/spread and prevention methods
  • Tools for management and treatment in the ED
  • Which patients should be tested for Coronavirus
  • The role of telehealth, and when patients should go to the ED
  • Using vital signs to triage patients in the ED
  • And more!

00:00 Intro

01:01 Why should we care about Coronavirus?

02:22 What is zoonotic transmission?

03:56 SARS and MERS and previous coronaviruses.

04:38 What are typical Coronavirus symptoms?

04:55 What is R0 (R naught)?

06:46 Why is there so much concern about this Coronavirus strain?

10:05 Is there concern that COVID-19 is more lethal?

12:45 What tools do we have to combat pandemics? Containment

14:38 Treatment and vaccines

16:32 Fecal oral transmission

19:01 Airborne and droplet transmission

21:20 Recommendations for the public

22:00 Recommendations for healthcare workers

23:24 Who should get tested?

24:47 How to get patients tested?

25:51 What do you do with a patient you want to be tested?

30:28 Closing

Last Updated on January 25, 2023

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