Conversation – High Sensitivity Troponin

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Conversation – High Sensitivity Troponin

In this episode of EMplify: Conversation, Sam Ashoo, MD and TR Eckler, MD discuss high sensitivity troponin testing and clinical pathways.

Topics discussed include:

  • Which troponin assay are you currently using and what are its limits of detection?
  • Do delta troponin results only count if they increase?
  • If the test result is indeterminate, then what? repeat in 1 hr (European standard), repeat in 3 hours (depending on chest pain onset), or just admit if the HEAR(T) score is high? 
  • What does one negative troponin on presentation mean? No death in 30 days to 1 year but still missed MI?
  • And more…


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Last Updated on January 25, 2023

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