“4 cases, 4 head injuries…” Case Conclusion

Your 16 year-old soccer champ had no history of loss of consciousness, and while in the ED, his symptoms resolved completely within 2 hours. Using the CDC guidelines, you determined that a CT was not indicated. You discussed this with his parents, and he was discharged home symptom-free 6 hours after his injury. You instructed him and his parents about the importance of physical and cognitive rest (based on the Zurich Guidelines) until cleared by his primary care provider.

The 38-year-old woman in the low-speed motor vehicle crash had a loss of consciousness but no symptoms or risk factors. Based on the CDC guidelines, you do not think a CT is indicated. You discussed with her the very low likelihood of a clinically important ICI, and she was discharged with head injury precautions and information about postconcussive syndrome.

The history on the 2-month old baby was inconsistent, so you suspected abuse. She had a small hematoma in the left parietal region, and you ordered a CT, which revealed a small subdural. Child Protective Services was called, and the patient was admitted to the PICU.

Your drinking buddy sobered up quickly, but you convinced him to wait for the CT you ordered based on the following CDC criteria: presumed loss of consciousness, intoxication, and physical evidence of trauma above the clavicles. His CT showed atrophy but was otherwise normal. You provided him with follow-up and clear discharge instructions, which he promptly threw in the trash on the way out. Another night in the ED…

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Last Updated on January 26, 2023

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