MD in the Black: Fiscal Fitness Check-Ups for Today’s EM Residents

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Who could have imagined you’d be donning a mask along with your graduation cap and gown? It’s safe to say that reality defies any view you could have had of this past year of residency.

The pandemic may well have blurred your vision of a career in emergency medicine, but it need not have obscured it. In this live video recording from our May 4 webinar, Drs. James Ahn and Matthew Pirotte, practicing emergency physicians and leaders at their respective academic medical centers, share up-to-the-minute financial advice to help you navigate through uncertain times. 

From residency to their early career days to current day, Ahn and Pirotte discuss the personal finance decisions they’ve made that have set them up for success, as well as how monetary goals and spending behavior should evolve over time.  

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Making sound financial decisions while you’re still a resident
  • Avoiding financial mistakes early on in your career
  • Paying off your debt quickly
  • Why it might be worth it to drive a Prius instead of a shiny new Tesla
  • Maxing out your retirement investments early and often
  • Calculating your net worth to use as a benchmark
  • Using a resource like to track your net worth and spending

Watch MD in the Black: Fiscal Fitness Check-Ups for Today’s EM Residents now, and learn more about making informed personal finance decisions that can set you up for long-term success.

MD in the Black: A Personal Finance Primer for Medical Residents

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Last Updated on November 1, 2021

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