Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Clinical Pathway

Sexually transmitted disease can cause severe outcomes for patients, their partners, and their unborn babies, and swift and accurate diagnosis and treatment is essential to reduce morbidity and minimize the potential public health risks.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a growing threat to public health, but are often underrecognized, due to the often nonspecific (or absent) signs and symptoms, the myriad diseases, and the possibility of co-infection. Emergency clinicians play a critical role in improving healthcare outcomes for both patients and their partners. Optimizing the history and physical examination, ordering appropriate testing, and prescribing antimicrobial therapies, when required, will improve outcomes for men, women, and pregnant women and their babies.

This clinical pathway will help you improve care in the management of patients with sexually transmitted diseases. Download now.

Clinical Pathway for Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Emergency Department

Last Updated on June 12, 2022

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